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Richard Carr

"The nature of the Flame is the soul, spirit, commitment, and nobility we take on within TEC/Vistage by being personally committed to our own transformation and the transformation of others within our community."

Bob Nordlinger

"The Flame is the shared commitment to the ideas and values of the original TEC mission, still passionately held by this collegiate group of Keepers."

Peggy Beadle

“Keepers of the Flame come together each year to restore and renew our spirit and life purpose.”

John Younker

"The Flame represents a Beacon for us, as Chairs, to set our course by ... our "True North."  The Flame symbolizes a special and precious force for human development."

Jim Cooney

"The Flame is that beacon that gives warmth, comfort and protection for ourselves and our members; gives us the light to guide our way and keeps our heritage alive."

States Hines

"The Flame is a beacon guiding us, 'The Keepers of the Flame' to a place of transformation. This is a worthy journey because the values, camaraderie and sprit cannot be found elsewhere."

Glenn Waring

"Ours is a safe community where we refuel the torches that guide our journeys, illuminate our shadows, and perpetuate our founders' Flame. We embrace truth, love for one another, and laughter."


"The Flame is the will, commitment and courage to enter the dark, musty places where true transformation occurs. The flame is the heart, soul and spirit of the community of elders of the TEC/Vistage tribe. Thank you."

Dick Shorten

"The Flame Is Our Soul Aroused! The flame is the dignity of our soul aroused to purposeful actualization and contribution. The Flame is the Will of our aroused soul."

Peter Baiardi, Doug Bouey, and Jeannette Hobson

"The Flame is the heart and passion of its Keepers. The Keepers are the elder sages of TEC/Vistage who have chosen to travel on a common journey. The Keepers appreciate their shared past and present, and are molding their destination. The Keepers are passionate about the nobility of their work and constantly strive to perform at the highest level. They gather to “be”, to be together, to be transformed, and to shape their future."